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Interview: Marsha Ambrosius

Marsha Ambrosius is stepping out.  The former lead singer for early 2000s neo-soul group Floetry has spent the last few years writing, producing, and/or performing on tracks from an unstoppable list of artists – Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Nas, The Game, Solange, Queen Latifah, and so on.  She goes it alone on her debut solo album, Late Nights & Early Mornings, which is shaping up to be one of the mostly hotly anticipated album drops of 2011.

Ambrosius broke new ground with the video for the second single off the album, “Far Away.”  The raw, emotional video tackled bullying and suicide in the gay community and drew widespread praise from her rabid gay fanbase.  “The Songstress” (as she was known during her Floetry days) rang us from her Philadelphia home to talk about her connection with gay fans, the personal experience behind the gut-wrenching “Far Away,” and preparing to jump to the next level.

Fenuxe: So Marsha, your debut solo album is finally coming out.  Why was the timing right?

Ambrosius: Well for me it feels like it’s happened overnight now that it’s really happening.  I only signed with J Records at the end of ’09.  So throughout that, I recorded for about three or four months and had pretty much all the material that I wanted to put together.  But with that comes the real work, working with other people and not just myself producing it and writing it.  So it takes time to pull all those things together and making sure that you have the right visuals and everything that I wanted to attach in creating a major label album.

I think people have been so accustomed to me throwing stuff out there as far as mixtapes and I’ve been featured and written on so many other projects.  So it was just expected that I’d have something to turn around as quickly as my other work.  Business doesn’t work that way.

Fenuxe: How early on could you tell that you had made a connection with gay audiences?

Ambrosius: I guess it was when I started to do a lot of live performances, just checking the diversity of the audience.  I get from young to old, black to white, and then it was straight or gay.  I found a lot of the gay audience were very receptive to the music and would reach out and make it known.  And I was like “Ahh wow!”  You know?  With music, you feel like you know someone.  You create this best friend in your mind.  You know, in my ideal world me and Prince are besties.  And it’s like overnight I became peoples’ besties, it was really, really weird.

But just with that familiarity, I’ve had a lot of people reach out and give me their personal stories and it feels very direct so I don’t feel like I’m just making music for me because, you know, when you’re young and you’re selfish that’s what you do.  I feel like I have a voice for these people that want to say something but can’t.  So it is holding that responsibility as an artist, and I hold that.  And as far as the gay audience, whether it’s gay, straight or whatever it may be, I’m just thankful to be heard.

Fenuxe: “Far Away” has gotten a lot of attention.  Was there a personal experience behind the song and the video?

Ambrosius: Umm…it definitely derived from a personal experience.  I’d written the song, co-written by Sterling Simms and produced by Just Blaze, in 2008.  And at the time I’d gone through a serious situation with a friend of mine who’d attempted suicide.  And when you’re best friends with someone that’s in such a dark place in their lives, it’s difficult for you to stand by them when they push you away so much.  And I think no one really spoke about that angle of the pain, like what it does to people.  This song is only coming to light now but it’s still very necessary as there are so many other people relating to what was going on within the song.  Without them knowing my backstory behind it, everyone had a story to tell based on “Far Away.”  So I think when it was time to shoot the video, it was only right that we added the necessary visuals to speak for the unspoken.

Fenuxe: Was your friend dealing with similar issues to the one in the video?  Homosexuality and bullying?

Ambrosius: Yeah it’s everything.  It can be a cruel world for those who have no tolerance and just have no one that they feel they can trust and listen to.  You know, behind closed doors, everyone’s comfortable and everyone’s all smiles but when faced with reality, that can be as harsh as a punch in the gut.  It really hits you over the head.  And with “Far Away” I really wanted to hit a few people over the head with that.

Fenuxe: You’ve worked with a wide range of celebrated hip-hop artists through the years.  Have you seen any improvement with the issue of homophobia in hip-hop?

Ambrosius: It doesn’t really come up but it’s the way of the world everywhere.  It’s not just in hip-hop, it’s not just in R&B.  And it’s whether or not people are going to accept people for who they are – not based on race, creed or color, sexuality, nothing.  It’s, “Who are you?  Are you a good person or a bad person?”  It has nothing to do with anything else that’s going on and I think music can speak directly to people, and I feel that in music I think we’re at a time where artists do have a responsibility to speak out.  There’s a lot going on in the world, and there are a lot of people that don’t have too much to hold onto.  And if it’s one song that touches you somewhere that kind of changes your mind, I’m willing to do that.

The thing with “Far Away,” even with the overwhelming positive response online I got, even from people that tended to be negative, like “Well I don’t agree with this, but I understand what you’re saying”—you know, I’ll take that as changing someone’s mind somewhere.  Homophobia is real.  I’ve seen people hate for absolutely no reason.  And I’m like, is this a trend or something?  I don’t even know if people understand why they hate sometimes.  And I think with “Far Away” it forced people to address how they really felt.

Fenuxe: Do you feel that, with this solo album and your name out front and center for the first time in 10 years, you’re about to experience a jump to the next level of being a household name?

Ambrosius: I feel like everything I’ve done the last 10 years has been like baby steps towards…something.  And even when I thought I’d reached the pinnacle in one area, there’s still a ways to go.  Like, I’m not going to be Quincy Jones overnight.  I’m not going to be a Patrice Rushen overnight, a Diane Warren.  It’s not gonna happen.  I’ve got a ways to go and I’m just enjoying the ride right now.  Whether or not my solo record puts me…well, you know when they say “put you on the map”?  I thought I was on it [laughs].  I’m on it somewhere in Philadelphia right now making a larger mark somewhere.  And I’ll see where this one takes me.

Fenuxe: So are you going on tour and will we be seeing you in Atlanta?

Ambrosius: I am! I’m gonna be touring.  The dates will go up soon.  I believe it will be late nights and early mornings for awhile [laughs].  It will be fun, I can’t wait.  And I’ll definitely be there in Atlanta for sure.

Marsha Ambrosius

Late Nights & Early Mornings

Available Everywhere March 1, 2011

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Seven Unconventional Dates

There’s nothing wrong with making out with your Valentine on the Blake’s patio at 2AM – it’s practically an Atlanta tradition by now – but what can you do this year to flip the script and make the date a hit?

Take Flight

Imagine the look on your date’s face as you board a private Cessna plane for an hour-long Valentine’s Day Aerial Champagne Tour of the city.  Sip complimentary bubbly and relax as you take in the scenery.


Cupid’s Glock

Quickshot Shooting Range is a brand new gay-friendly state of the art indoor shooting facility with – we kid you not – date night on Thursdays.  Two shoot for the price of one, and nothing’s hotter than hot lead.


Couples Wine Down

Chateau Elan, Braselton’s sprawling, spacious winery, offers daily guided tours including a chance to meet the winemaker as you roam the grounds.  Make it a day trip or stay overnight at the plush inn.


Bed Down In Luxury

You don’t have to leave town to live it up.  The four-star, gay-friendly Ellis Hotel downtown offers a romantic package featuring champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and rose petal turndown service.


Cabin Fever

The Bear’s Den isn’t Woofs’ new competition.  It’s a gay-friendly luxury cabin retreat in Blue Ridge perfect for a romantic getaway.  Snuggle up in front of the wood-burning fireplace or gaze out at the gorgeous mountain views from the hot tub.


Ooooh Child

Relive some childhood magic with your sweetheart on Valentine’s weekend.  Live theatre combines with state of the art effects in the classic Peter Pan.  And the Atlanta Ballet promises “fantastic fairies” for their staging of The Sleeping Beauty.



Foodies Unite!

You can tell a lot about someone by their culinary preferences.  Are they a meat and potatoes kinda guy?  Vegan?  There’s no better place to explore these differences than the Dekalb Farmer’s Market., a 140,000 sq. ft. emporium of fresh, high quality food.


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The Love Lineup

Love to live it up?   Set your Valentine’s Day weekend calendar in stone with three select events presented by two non-profits and a certain gay magazine you may have heard of.  No, not that one – the other one.

Fenuxe Magazine’s Best Bachelor of Atlanta Auction * Saturday, February 12 at 8PM at Kai Lin Art

It’s finally here!  You voted, now see the results.  Join Fenuxe, Ketel One, and Godiva Vodka as the Top 10 Bachelors of Atlanta are auctioned off at Kai Lin Art to benefit AID Atlanta. General admission is just $10 and includes drinks compliments of Ketel One and Godiva Vodka and hors d’oeuvres from Varasano’s.  VIP admission is $50 and includes a reception at 7:30PM and a VIP pampering package with a tanning session, a spa day, dinner at Piola, a one year subscription to Fenuxe, and more!


The AGLCC Community Expo 2011 * Sunday, February 13 at 1PM at Georgia International Convention Center

Do you know all the best places to eat, work, and shop?  Want to find out?  The Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce presents The Community Expo 2011.  It’s the biggest LGBT expo in the southeast, with gay and gay-friendly businesses and non-profits making their presence known to the community.  The Community Expo includes a career pavilion and representatives from industries far and wide – entertainment, travel, fitness, pets, and more.  Admission is $5 at the door, or visit the AGLCC website to print off a free admission ticket!


Joining Hearts Presents Love on the Rocks * Sunday, February 13 at 5PM at Cantoni Furniture

Finish up your A-List Valentine’s weekend with a visit to Cantoni Furniture for the 4th Annual Love on the Rocks benefit, presented by Joining Hearts!  The long-running non-profit organization provides housing support for those Atlanta-area people living with HIV/AIDS.  You know Joining Hearts as the ones who pack Piedmont Park Pool every July with hundreds of hot boys for their annual fundraiser.  General admission gets you complimentary cocktails and bites, while VIP upgrades the the food and drinks and includes a VIP gift bag!


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Sweet Heart Deals!

Back AWAY from the computer before you order him the subscription to Blueboy.  Yes, there’s only a few days left till Valentine’s Day but you’re not that desperate.  Go down the street to your friendly gay-owned gift emporium and you’ll find a selection of lovely gifts for your special man – or your single self!

Our Love Is Here to Stay – 15 Postcards of Affection

Show him you care the old-fashioned way with these adorable postcards.

Brushstrokes * $9.95

JO for Men Pheromone

Formulated specifically for men who wish to attract other men.

Brushstrokes * $43.99

Lovebird Bookends

Includes room for the your collection of Fenuxe!  Don’t judge us.

Brushstrokes * $36.00

Candy Candles from Elizabeth W.

The ultimate nightcap.  And this dessert comes with zero calories!

Outwrite Bookstore * $25.95 each

Love Potion #11 Shower Bursts

A visit from you and one of these potent potions will drive his senses wild.

Outwrite Bookstore * 4 pack for $17.62

All About Us

A powerful book of questions to ask each other about the life of your dreams!

Outwrite Bookstore * $12.99

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Gay Bar Tipping Tips Revealed!

Dear Mary,

I have a friend who’s not always participating in proper etiquette for a gay bar (if there really is such a thing). He always tips based on the price of the drink, i.e. if a drink costs $4.75, he only tips 25 cents. He rounds up to the nearest dollar, unless the change is over 50 cents. I always just assumed you should tip at least $1.00 on any drink even if it’s just soda. Are all queens that cheap, or am I over-tipping? Could you give a lesson in gay bar tip etiquette?


Liquored UP in the ATL

Dear Licker,

Miss Manners and I hang out a lot. I’ve been to the bar with her countless times and I cannot begin to tell you how much that woman can drink – but even when she’s eight shots of Jaeger into the evening, she tips a dollar a drink. She also sends thank you notes to all the guys she goes home with, no more than six weeks after the night. She’s classy like that.

Personally, I think of this as a sliding scale thing. I’m a straight woman who almost exclusively goes to gay bars so if there just happens to be a bartender who will actually give me the time of day over the 300 men waving money at him, well, that man deserves a big tip. If it’s your run-of-the-mill, had-to-shout-him-down-and-then-he-got-my-drink-wrong scenario, I’ll tip 20%, even if that is only a quarter. To be fair, though, if I only tip a quarter, I can buy more drinks and then I’m far more likely to do something like tell him he’s so fantastic he deserves my watch or phone or car as a special tip.

I think the most important thing to do is give your friend a really judgmental side-eye every time they leave a shitty tip. That way, the bartender will know you don’t approve and will be more likely to pay attention to you, and it’s a passive aggressive way to comment on your friend’s behavior, which is the only kind of aggression I’m comfortable with.

Cheers, ya’ll!


Mary Makers-McMark

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Events: Lace Up, Roll Out

In a city full of activities for gay football fans, gay swimmers, gay volleyball players and more, it’s borderline shocking no one thought of gay rollerskating. Next thing you know, you’ll tell us there’s no gay drill team (Hey, wait a minute…).

Lucky for the tube sock wearing quad-skater in all of us, Brad Williams, Jungle, and The Heretic are presenting a rollerskating extravaganza. Lucky for homeless LGBT youth, it’s a benefit for CHRIS Kids called Love Skate.

The Jan. 16 event being held at Skate-A-Long USA in Lilburn is no ordinary spin around the rink with a “Hokey Pokey” break. This is a gay rollerskating event, and you can’t have gay rollerskating without a drag roller derby race. It just wouldn’t be natural.

Rollerskating games and contests are on the agenda as well, including a wig snatch. Bring a wig, put it on, and when the organizers say go, everyone skates around and tries to snatch the wigs off one another. The last one wearing their wig wins – just like in life. Also, if you’re into the group thing, be sure to participate in opportunities to make new friends during Group Skates.

Games aside, Love Skate will roll far in benefiting the LGBT youth that CHRIS Kids supports. “We are ready to roll out colorful clothing and roller-boogie to support our mission to heal children, strengthen families, and build community,” CHRIS Kids director of development Beth Keller tells Fenuxe. “Brad Williams is so creative and a strong supporter of the community.”

Williams was motivated by two factors – to help those in need and to create an event that didn’t require staying out all night. “I hate to admit it but I’m getting older and find the late hours of going out to clubs sometimes wears me out,” Williams says. “Realizing that but also still wanting to have some fun, I came up with an event where people of all ages can come out, have a great time, and still get home early enough to get up and be productive the next day.”

If Love Skate goes well enough, Williams plans to make it a quarterly event benefiting a different charity each time. P.A.L.S. is already on board for the next event in March and Joining Hearts is being approached for a June date.

But for now it’s CHRIS Kids’ turn to benefit from our drag-roller-derby-playing, wig-snatching group spin around the rink.

Love Skate

A Benefit for CHRIS Kids

Jan. 16 at 6PM at Skate-A-Long USA

$20 donation covers skate rental

Pre-sale tickets available now at Jungle or The Heretic

Directions: Take I-85N to Exit 102 – Beaver Ruin Road. Merge right onto Beaver Ruin and go 2.7 miles. Skate-A-Long USA will be on your left.

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Eats: The Real Chow Baby

Clear away all the static about supplements, workout routines, and diets and you’re left with one core issue when it comes to health and fitness: personal choice. Do I go to the gym today or drive right past it for a stop at Zesto’s? Do I buy that shake weight even though I would look like I’m trying out for Falcon Studios?

Dine-out choices in particular can make or break our health and fitness goals, and no restaurant in the city gives patrons more power than The Real Chow Baby. A recent stop inside the new Ponce location revealed significant changes from the popular Howell Mill location.

While the cozy red and black color scheme stays intact, co-owner Chip Joyner went for a new wide open layout. The bar and hostess station are up front and the kitchen is so open for viewing you can see every last grain of rice being stir-fried on the 5-foot-wide flat top grill.

But the create-your-own stir fry rules stay the same. A glance at the wall in the beginning of the line reveals a floor-to-ceiling menu with nutritional info to help guide you along.

Chow Baby’s lineup of vegetables, herbs, fruits, and meats is massive and flavorful. The Ponce location has expanded their gluten-free and vegetarian menus. There are more steamed items as well. We topped our brown rice with broccoli, cheese, cilantro, garlic, red onions, a boiled egg, green peppers, and mushrooms, then added chicken and sausage in a ginger lime basil sauce and let it fry. So we tempted ourselves with a cheat option or two.

10 minutes later our creation was on the table and getting devoured. There’s something about selecting every last ingredient of a meal that will satisfy the control freak in all of us. Washing it all down with Chow Baby’s gluten-free beer allows for a nice compromise between kicking back while staying health-conscious.

Staying in shape doesn’t mean you can never eat dessert again either. Cut down on portions and split a dish like Chow Baby’s tangy key lime pie with a graham cracker crust and you won’t feel guilty enough to double your time on the elliptical the next day.

It’s tough getting and staying in shape with so much temptation out there. Luckily Chow Baby is offering more opportunities to get real in 2011.

The Real Chow Baby

782 Ponce De Leon Ave.

Atlanta, GA 30306

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Lean + Hard for Life

by Benjamin Bradley

A new year means a new lease on life. New beginnings, new goals; a fresh new start. And new diets? New gym memberships? Isn’t that how you ring in the new year – through crash dieting and haphazard exercise? If you read ‘false start’ instead of ‘fresh start’, absolutely.

Instead of condemning yourself to a second or third-rate physique matched only by the number of helpings you indulged in over the holidays, turn this new year’s fresh start into a head start. Begin employing common sense strategies for changing your body composition from soft and smushy to lean and hard right now. Why is this important? Because you want to look and feel good while lowering your risk of developing heart disease and adult-onset diabetes (type II), and fit into those hot new jeans you bought at the Bloomy’s pre-sale!

Simple, logical eating habits will go a long way in reshaping your body for the new year and beyond. Eat for what it is you’re doing, or more specifically, eat for the next three hours of your life. Ask yourself basic questions like “Will I be watching TV for the next few hours?” You won’t expend many calories sitting on your rump watching A-List: New York. With that in mind, eat lightly; basing your sedentary meals on lean protein and healthy fats, and eat carbohydrates sparingly. Will you be running a 10k after this meal? Stock up on unrefined carbohydrates and lean protein with minimal fat.

How can you tell what it is you’re supposed to eat for any given frame of time? Carbohydrates are your body’s primary source of fuel for anything physically demanding, and protein is for the growth, repair and maintenance of bodily tissues. Certain types of fat are essential in our diet for vitamin solubility / assimilation for brain and body function, but in excess may readily be stored as body fat since dietary and body fat share similar chemical structures.

As part of your resolution for 2011, re-frame food’s purpose in life by treating it for what it is – fuel for activity, not belly stuffing, you turkey. Be aware of the day’s demands and activities. Eat accordingly: sometimes sparingly, sometimes in reasonable excess, but all the time strategically.

Benjamin Bradley has over nine years of nutrition and fitness expertise. After studying Nutrition and Dietetics at Western Carolina University, through his ISSA Fitness certification he is now the Facility Trainer for multiple Atlanta area Anytime Fitness locations.

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Mystery Men: Waking From Atlanta’s HIV Slumber

Men who have sex with men. MSM. It’s the simple catch-all term used in studies to define gay and bisexual men. The term “MSM” doesn’t conjure up the typical light-hearted stereotypes that are associated with the word “gay.” MSM doesn’t sound fashionable or fun. It’s cold, clinical, and it’s exact. And it’s who we are.

Nationally, MSM represent 2% of the U.S. population, yet account for more than half of all new HIV infections. MSM are the only risk group for HIV in which new infections have increased steadily since the early 90s.

“Since the beginning of the US epidemic, MSM have consistently represented the largest percentage of persons diagnosed with AIDS and persons with an AIDS diagnosis who have died,” reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

A CDC report issued in September revealed both encouraging and frightening results for Atlanta’s gay community. In a nationwide study, Atlanta had the lowest HIV rate among MSM versus all other cities in the study, at 6 percent. However, Atlanta was near the top of the list in MSM who did not know they were HIV positive, at a whopping 55 percent.

So why the mystery over the community’s HIV status?

“A Renewed Epidemic”

Tracy Elliott doesn’t hesitate when asked what the barriers are to HIV prevention.

“Apathy and indifference,” says the executive director of AID Atlanta. He cites a misguided feeling among many in the community that HIV is no longer a dangerous or deadly disease.

“There’s also a sense of fatigue on the part of people my age who’ve been dealing with this now for close to 30 years and people are tired of it,” he says. “But the danger is still there.”

Breakthroughs in HIV medication and science have also had the unintended consequence of giving a false sense of security. Those living with HIV/AIDS often take “the cocktail” – a combination of antiretroviral drugs taken to combat the disease.

Last December, on the heels of World AIDS Day, a 40-year-old American man in Berlin was classified as cured of HIV. The announcement came three-and-a-half years after Brown underwent a transplant of HIV-resistant stem cells for the treatment of leukemia. Doctors and scientists have been quick to point out that the treatment cannot be applied to the vast majority of HIV patients.

We should be clear that this ‘cure’ will in fact have almost no impact on the average HIV-infected patient,” says Bert Jacobs, a professor at Arizona State University at Tempe as reported by EmaxHealth.

It’s a combination of seemingly beneficial events that unfortunately lead to riskier behavior like unprotected sex. “The way that human beings react to risk is that it’s got to be pretty immediate before it significantly changes behavior,” Elliott says. “And the risk doesn’t seem to be nearly as immediate as it used to be. It’s still there but it doesn’t seem to be as in our faces as it once was.”

The numbers of young MSM unaware of their positive HIV status are skyrocketing as well, which doesn’t bode well for the future. “You just think about how many people are unaware of their status, and of course those people are much more likely to spread HIV as statistically shown by the CDC,” Elliott says.

“You have on your hands a renewed epidemic in a sense. It’s a different kind of epidemic but it’s still shocking and alarming.”

Eyes Wide Open

Whatever the excuses people find for not getting tested, the fact remains we’re still losing each other. We’re not losing a generation of gay men overnight like we were in the 80s and 90s, but we’re still losing each other.

“I had a friend in Indianapolis die over the weekend of HIV/AIDS,” says Elliott. “He was under 35 years of age, so this is still a disease that claims young and vital lives. This was an amazing musician who just had an amazing zest for life.”

The death has rocked Indianapolis’ gay community out of a peaceful slumber regarding HIV/AIDS. “Unfortunately it takes something like that to get us to recognize that this is still a very dangerous situation,” Elliott says.

The way to keeping something like that from happening in Atlanta is clear. Getting tested, asking a potential sexual partner’s status, and practicing safe sex are basic adult decisions.

“You’ve got to take responsibility for yourself and not depend on anyone to protect you,” Elliott says.

AID Atlanta

1605 Peachtree St. NE

Atlanta, GA 30309

Get tested Monday-Thursday, 12PM-7PM



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X-plore: Ice Hotel

By Dwayne Kinney

If your significant other suggests putting your relationship on ice it is usually a bad sign. If your man is talking about the infamous ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden you’re in for a chilly and thrilling trip!

The ICEHOTEL is now open for its twenty-first season offering guests unique and (literally) breathtaking accommodations in a -5°C indoor climate. It was the first and is the largest hotel made of ice and snow in the world. Artists travel from across the globe to rebuild and reimage ICEHOTEL every season, drawing inspiration from Jukkasjärvi’s natural beauty.

Jukkasjärvi is a small Swedish village with only 1000 citizens and is located 125 miles above the Arctic Circle. The village name means “meeting place” to the indigenous Sami inhabitants. The ICEHOTEL stays true to the spirit of Jukkasjärvi as a meeting place by attracting a myriad of diverse guests.

Jukkasjärvi remains an unspoiled and exotic location destination that provides the adventurous traveler with the experience of a lifetime. Twenty one years ago the ICEHOTEL’s first guests were given sleeping bags and a crash course in Arctic survival; however, today’s guests can choose between cold accommodations or warm accommodations. Cold accommodations include the immensely popular Art Suite which features inspiring frozen furniture and functional ice sculptures perfect for wrapping up in a fur blanket and cuddle with your partner. Warm accommodations mimic more traditional hotel rooms with much less artistically infused ice.

Although the hotel is certainly the main attraction, don’t forget to go outside and experience the wonder of the Arctic Circle. Jukkasjärvi locals proudly boast that they have the best location for viewing the heavenly northern lights. The ICEHOTEL offers guided tours by bus for its guests every night. You can also try your hand at active winter sports including dogsledding, horse and moose riding, snowmobiling and of course skiing and snowshoeing.

With the constant chill in the air and a never ending list of snowy outdoor sports, it is easy to work up an avalanche of hunger. The ICEHOTEL has two distinct restaurants. ICEHOTEL Restaurant is a modern Scandinavian style establishment with a high-end á la carte menu which accentuates the cheerful and sleek décor. In stark contrast, the Old Homestead Restaurant features a rustic log cabin dining experience. The timber building housing this charming eatery was built in 1768 and features a homestyle menu. Whether you want to dress up your dining experience or stay casual, both restaurants offer tempting and scrumptious choices.

Book a chilly and adventurous hotel room before this season’s ICEHOTEL melts as it has done every spring for the past 21 years.

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